Timo Osterkamp

Hi, I'm Timo Osterkamp. What can I do for you?

curriculum vitae

Academic education/training

Work Experience

Master of Science Informatik (Computer science)

from 2018 until 20211

Project engineer for renewable energies at Sokratel GmbH

from 2021 until now

Bachelor of Science Informatik (Computer science)

from 2014 until 2018

Scientific employee at University of Osnabrück

from 2018 until 2020

Vocational training as IT-Systemelektroniker

from 2010 until 2013


Jitsi Meet Cluster

Jitsi Meet is an open source tool for communication over the Internet with web browsers. The Chaostreff Osnabrück has set up a Jitsi Cluster, which can be used by everyone free of charge. The Jitsi Cluster is available at meet.osna.social.


Here I have created a tool that redirects you to an instance of your favorite web-based service. For example, if you are looking for a jitsi server, you can go to jitsi.random-redirect.de and you will be redirected to a jitsi server. It is also possible to find a poll, a hedgedoc, a cryptpad, an etherpad, an ethercalc or a BigBlueButton server.


You can contact me in one of the following ways.